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A Theory of Reality


Reality is surprisingly coherent and neat than we can ever suspect. Philosophy, spirituality and science all have played a role in the understanding of reality though science has assumed preeminence in the quest to explain nature, at least in the recent eras.

Science works on the premise of physical reality only. Philosophy tries to explore and enquire ideas and not grounded in physical evidence. Spirituality though traditionally is seen as exploring the mind and soul has great implications for the physical reality also. We explore reality from all angles and try to integrate understanding as a coherent whole.

Organization of the paper

Organization of the paper

We start with some foundational ideas of space and time and propose some innovative ideas about them. We then explore the basic properties of space and time namely mass and charge and how the third property namely the spin assumes significance in the evolution of the universe. As a natural development of the presentation we explore free will and the existence of energy characterized by harmony and its qualities.

We dwell more on harmonising energy and its role in determining different levels of existence. We then introduce a related concept to harmonising energy, namely spacelessness and use it to explain gravity. We also hint at the very formation of mass at the beginning of the universe. We then show the explanatory power of the theory with respect to the two most famous theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. We finally list a set of tests that can validate our theory.

Section 1

Let us first try to explore space and time. We definitely know space is something that is governed by physical laws. What about time? In modern physics time is not separate from space but understood as a single spacetime.

Presumably every entity does not see all of space and time. It is a limited perception of space and time. We see a slice of space and a slice of time. The slice of time seen by us is called the present, What is already seen that is the one before the present, is the past and what is not seen by anybody is the future.

We know for sure physical laws operate in present and that it operated in the past and will operate in the future. We also know they are not operating in the past and future. So what is common between past and future both of which we can not perceive. It is that physical laws are not operating in both though they operated in the past but have ceased. Present is the only slice of time when physical laws are operating.

Since physical laws operated in the past there is the leftover of the physicality of the past even during the present but there is not yet any physicality of the future present. In the future there is just the “mental energy” waiting to be projected as physicality. The actual events that will happen can seemingly be influenced because the energy exists as probabilities. The catch is there is already an ultimate reality and of all the probabilities of the future only one predetermined one will actually fructify.

The idea that physical laws operated in the past but are not acting now and has left a physicality for the past makes it possible for us to go to the past and witness the physical reality. But even in theory it is not possible to see the physical reality of the future because there is no physicality to it as physical laws have not operated and reality exits in energy form which we can call as mental energy.

The reason I am calling it as mental energy is because I am associating space with the physical and time with the mental. In the present we exist in both space and time. The past is an existence in space only and the future is existence in time only.

The extent of reality in anything can be gauged from how much the physical and the mental align that is how much space and time align. The reality of space alone is an illusive reality. It looks like reality but disappears on the face of higher reality of present which pertains to spacetime in the same way a lower reality would disappear in the face of higher reality. As for the future it will fructify in to higher reality only when elements of space and time both operate. Till then it is an imaginary reality. It remains in probabilities and the strongest one would fructify.

There is a constant evolution of space and time from the initial chaotic state of the universe. The essence of space can be seen in the nature of particle and the essence of time in the nature of wave. Once universe is created time extends itself completely through the spectrum of reality whereas space is a particle like existence.

There is an alignment between space and time that happens and that corresponds to the present. The transition from the present and future is determined by the extent of alignment that is the best alignment between space and time. That becomes the present. The mental reality corresponding to the best alignment in the immediate future finds its space counterpart and becomes space time or the present. The existing physical reality loses its time or mental counter part as it aligns with the new mental or time counterpart. So the past becomes space only reality and the immediate future becomes spacetime reality and as present reality.

Reality can be seen as particles of space lined up and each corresponding to physical reality and flowing in the arrow of time. That space that aligns with time is the present. Lets say the current space is S1 and is aligned with the time or mental energy. Now with the constant changes of energy towards greater evolution, the alignment between next space element S2 and the best mental or time energy happens. I believe the time counterpart of S1 is consumed within this new alignment and S1 becomes space only and that possibly is how the past becomes space only reality.

The process of evolution is built in just as all natural things have built in mechanisms for moving towards a better state. The physical aspect of alignment can be thought of as the mechanics of alignment dictated by the very nature for moving towards the best alignment. Space elements are more like pixels of reality and discrete. Time is continuous energy. It projects the discrete space elements once it is created. Time being a continuous energy the best fit for space elements depends on which probability of future presents itself as best alignment which is driven by an inbuilt mechanism. Since there is an inbuilt mechanism for selection there is a predetermination in the way physical events unfold.

For example let us say S1 is the first space element corresponding to T1. According to events in S1 due to excess force which is contrary to the harmonious nature of reality happening, the next best time counterpart may be T3 instead of T2 and T3 makes changes in the next space element S2 so that it corresponds with it. As we can see there is predetermination at the macro level though at micro level we see time counterparts and events of space changing.

At the macro level it is predetermined because it is the inbuilt mechanism that initially projects the space elements and therefore the fact that there is excess force contrary to nature is identified and accordingly the inbuilt mechanism selects the next time counterpart which again is responsible for the change of events in the next space element. So in essence the micro elements which necessitate change are themselves part of the macro plan. We will delve in to finer details about space and time to get some balanced understanding.

Section 2

Let me associate space with mass and time with charge and timelessness with spin when considering the properties of fundamental particles

Mass and motion are two fundamental aspects of reality. I have associated space with mass. I associate charge with time. I want to use the words charge and motion interchangeably for this discussion. Since charge is associated with motion. Mass and motion are components of force. Since force is disintegrating, mass and motion are disintegrating too. So i think it is both mass and the allied concept of motion which is charge that cause curvature of spacetime and not just mass.

Mass and motion prevent free movement through spacetime. Free movement through spacetime happens when force is zero. That can happen when the effect of mass is zero. It can also happen when the entity is totally motionless which maybe equivalent to saying the charge of the entity is zero. That is it can happen when something is evolved with respect to space or with respect to time. Coming to understanding about the foundational properties of fundamental particles, this is what I believe happens.

While Higgs boson may be the mass giver, a yet not discovered boson may be the charge giver with mass and spin zero. The disharmonies of the spacetime reality may be because of these two bosons which themselves may have a spiritual aspect because of the idea that spin 0 is associated with the spiritual. Since we are using physical instruments it may have been not possible to have detected the predicted massless charge giving boson. But mass and charge being fundamentally properties may have been formed in similar ways.

I also speculate a harmony particle with mass, charge and spin zero. The previous two spin zero bosons with mass only and charge only are responsible for the space and time reality respectively and it is this harmony boson that is responsible for alignment and for the unified spacetime.

We see the mediators between matter are the bosons which aligns with my ideas of bosons responsible for alignment. I propose those with spin 1 or 2 cause delayed alignment and those with spin 0 are the source of the delayed alignment causing bosons. The harmony boson has the property of immediately aligning. This resonates at the philosophical level in understanding why bad events happen but only for the sake of optimisation of the good.

Section 3

The question of free will is addressed by proposing alignment with harmony is free will and going against is absence of free will. Free will need not mean individual will but the ability to do what is good for oneself at least in the long run and this is consistent with the idea of aligning with harmony is free will.

When perfect harmony happens or when space and time are perfectly aligned , the existing universe ceases to be space time reality and then comes out the next universe with a big bang. The main theme and the fundamental laws and mechanisms to make it work are the same, and within that scope other aspects may have variations.

When everything is perfectly harmonious it is easily and fully grasped. The drive to harmony indicates that something needs to be understood at a cosmic level. It introduces a fascinating duality with mechanism in reality causing disharmony countered by mechanisms that set right disharmony. The realities corresponding to mass and charge for example strive to make grasping difficult whereas the realities corresponding to spin try to make the harmony and understanding possible. Once perfect alignment happens, a new game of reality starts so to speak.

Harmony can actually be quantified. We know that through electromagnetic or other disharmonising energy negative effects can be produced on something. Let the power of that be some watts, Harmony is the power produced by the harmonising energy to remove that negativity and the unit can be called wattplus, The harmonising power of something can be the maximum negative energy it can completely remove.

The harmonising energy has both physical and mental components because reality exists in space time. It spans a spectrum of energy with the pure harmonising energy consisting of the complete spectrum of frequencies and wavelengths. Nothing can enhance or take away from pure harmonising energy. The harmonising energy itself addresses deficiency or excess in something. That is the way it solves problems and removes disharmony.

The physical components are physical energies synchronized in a way to produce the delayed effect property and the mental component is continuos energy synchronized with the physical energies. The complete spectrum of frequencies is represented in the physical component of pure harmonising energy and the mental energy is a constant continuous energy. Typically harmonising energies are produced by soul or an evolved mind. The mental component represents an idea and the corresponding physical component corresponds to the implementation of the idea. Unlike typical physical energy, which is autonomous and acts without context, the context for the physical energy of pure harmonising energy is given by the mental component. It acts within the context provided by the understanding of the mental energy.

Harmonising energy is produced by soul and so minds, once a threshold of development happens. That development signifies that the soul and so mind has reached a mature stage where it aspires to consider the interests of other entities and not focus on self alone. In a similar way for some other fundamentally different minds it may signify that they tend not only to focus on others but also on self. In effect, the harmonising energy represents a balance that has been achieved within an entity. The extent of balance represents the power and intelligence of the energy generated.

There are two aspects of control. One is controlling others and the other is self control. When you aspire to control others you lose self control. When you have self control you don’t feel the need to control others. It is fitting so to speak that those who have not reached a mature state and want to control others have a check and balance upon them when not having alignment with harmony and abdicate free will.

Section 4

We will now talk about how entities can be classified based on the level of harmonising energy in them. There are broadly four types of entities namely the non living beings, the living beings, humans and the omnipotent. At some point non living beings may have transformed to rudimentary living being. This requires a phenomenal jump in harmonising power. Such is the case in the transformation from one level to the next higher level. The time and increase in such a leap is decided by the system of nature.

To probe the above further, let us now assume the fundamental equation c=vT where c is the speed of light, v is the frequency of the wave and T its wavelength. It implies for higher frequencies wavelength reduces. I postulate something very fundamental in that as entities become more complex, the nature of the equation changes. When two frequencies or wavelengths or both synchronize, the intensity, wavelength or both increase. So for more and more complex entities, the value of c increases.

The above suggests the science behind existence of different levels of entities from non living to living to intelligent entities. For non living entities the constant value begins to increase indicating the entity’s ability to cover instantaneously more and more of information of reality. In other words consciousness begins to expand. As living entities seemingly evolving from non living entities suggest evolution and emergence of a higher consciousness than the physical. That consciousness I believe enables the entity to grasp all of space in an instant signalling the evolution. In an intelligent entity more of information in the reality of time can be grasped.

There is the persistence of duality in entities but in a more marked and clearcut way. Intelligence can be hypothesized to bestow beings with the higher consciousness and selves such as mind and soul. The entity becomes a responsible being because of its power, the implications of which well explained by concepts such as karma. We now introduce the idea of spacelessness in the overall fabric of space to coherently explain the beginning of universe and the nature of gravity.

Section 5

We believe when pure harmonising energy merges with pure destructive energy which though is delayed harmonising in nature, big bang happens and the merger manifests as space and time and energies within, beginning and continuing to evolve till perfect harmony is reached​.

At the very beginning gravitational energy represented by massless gravitons would have formed. They would have been travelling exceedingly fast. When two gravitons met because of attraction they would have got interlocked and the speed would have converted to mass. This might have resulted in a very slightly massive gluon and photon and other extremely light particles. The interlocking mechanism may be visualized as a mediating energy field created with different distribution of energy between the interlocked energies, corresponding to the mass attributed to Higgs boson. Interactions like all these would have formed the ensuing energies and also matter.

Space is a very subtle energy is indicated by our ability to only perceive the emptiness of the space and not anything. Time is even more subtle as it totally cannot be perceived by the sense organs or any physical instrument, so it becomes very difficult to detect space and time energies but they can probably be inferred.

According to our theory, the interaction between space and mass produce gravity. When there is greater mass there is greater interaction and greater gravity. The interaction maybe is carried on by graviton which is subtler than photon and more difficult to detect. When a large massive object such as earth and a small object such as a human are near each other, both interact with space and produce gravity. The net gravity decides who gets attracted and with what strength.

Space is like a super sucking agent which attracts everything in to it. A massive object in space is tried to be sucked into whereas the massive object having been created from space with the same quality exerts force on space. The resulting interaction results in net gravity.

Without pitting relativity against quantum mechanics, we can say both have great predictive power at their own levels. Reality at the level of space is quantized though at the level of time is continuous. That can account for discrepancies between the two theories and making it to reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics at quantum level.

If we can find the granularity of space which requires great technological capabilities we can say that in any length of space smaller than that would signify spacelessness. Spacelessless also implies timelessness. All the energies would be absorbed into that. I believe plancks length gives an idea what the smallest length can be. Across such lengths energy has to be exerted to move.

The spacelessness idea suggest that it is possible for something to be everywhere if within that length. That is instantaneous effect is possible. However the mass in the space reduces the intensity in accordance with inverse square law as in propagation of gravity. The spacelessness idea also strengthens the underlying spaceless and timeless nature of reality. Space and time are probably cloaks over that reality

Section 6

We will now see the overarching theme of the theory which is the tension between harmonising energy and the delayed harmonising energy. This idea can explain a number of both common and intriguing phenomena ranging from gravity to expansion of the universe. The harmonising component corresponds to the temporal aspect and the delayed harmonising energy to the physical aspect

We propose everything in spacetime has a mix of space and time qualities. From photons to humans to large galaxies everything has the two components. That it is there in photon can be seen from its wave particle duality and in the case of humans from the presence of body and mind.

The wave particle duality can be explained as follows. Just like any other entity, the photon is affected by the realities of both space and time and behaves as particle or wave accordingly. The effects are obvious because it occurs at very small scale. Even in humans we can propose the particle like body along with wave like mind, both of them influencing a person in accordance with the situation.

Space time curvature can be seen in the following light. The interaction of mass and space and also mass and spacelessness through time can be visualized as producing the trajectory of the gravitons in accordance with the curvature of spacetime as Einstein proposed though I prefer to posit gravity as energy and not simply as the effect of the curvature. The tension creates instantaneous travel but in accordance with inverse square law.

The uniqueness of our perspective comes from treating gravitation as a force just like other forces which helps in unification with other forces but acknowledging that the math need not be altered and reflects the intuition of my theory and those of Einstein in similar ways. The concept are indeed different though.

The delayed harmonising energy is so called because ultimately it is the state of harmony that will prevail and the effects of delayed harmonising energy though disruptive will eventually facilitate the state of harmony.

Section 7

Let us consider the fundamental forces. We will strive to create correspondences between them. We speculate that graviton is massless and are with a very slight charge . They are instantaneous in space and restricted speed in time. Their counterpart photons can be thought of as chargeless, very slight mass. Photons are everywhere in time and travel with a limited speed in space. They can be thought of as the time counterparts of graviton.

There is another correspondence we make between gravity and strong force. Strong force can be thought of as microcosm of gravity. Similarly weak force can be thought of as microcosm of EM force. Their complex properties are set aside for the moment as we focus on the big picture. There is the macrocosm and the microcosm at the smallest scale. There is a spectrum of levels between them with each being similar to macrocosm in certain ways.

Section 8

Now for the final thoughts. Mass and motion are two distinct things corresponding to space and time. There is inherent resistance to something of mass to move as there is inherent resistance to something in motion to come to rest. Spiritual energy can bring them together and if causing perfectly interconnectedness of the entity, takes the entity to the next level of existence.

Physical energy can be thought of being synchronized in time whereas mental energy is synchronized in space. Delayed harmony is a feature of physical energy whereas immediate harmony is a feature of mental energy. By increasing the strength of the physical energy one can increase its physicality and by increasing the harmony of the mental energy one can accentuate its “mentalness”. However by increasing the harmony of the physical component and the strength of the mental component of an entity, the physical and mental components get more aligned and hence the spirituality of the entity increases.

We think it is possible to extract the underlying spiritual energy of anything by making it stan still or by making the energy in it to be uniformly distributed. We see the immense potential to harness the ubiquitously and plentifully available underlying energy in reality in a constructive way. The theory presented provides the fundamentals and the context necessary to understand for such an endeavour. If successful the spiritual energy that is generated can have technological applications that are unimaginable now.

Section 8: Proposed tests and Summary

We propose the following set of tests for assessment of the theory:

1.The existence and basic capabilities of spiritual energy as the aligning force between the mental and the physical enhancing both the spatial and temporal qualities. We propose to test it in the following. Consider different levels of existence. By applying spiritual energy on to them their qualities should get measurably enhanced.

2. A major test aimed at showing the feasibility of teleportation would be to show that spiritual energy is instantaneously transmitted once produced. If teleportation is shown feasible it should open up possibilities for time travel. It will also show there are energies travelling faster than light.

3.Are space and time energies in accordance with the theory?

4. Is there a boson which has charge and zero mass and zero spin. It will be the charge giving boson

5.Is there harmonising energy in reality. I can myself offer evidence on this s I can generate highly potent harmonising energy

We have outlined the elements of a theory of reality and tried to explain fundamental enigmas. We have drawn upon various disciples to form a holistic view of reality. We hope the theory outlined would spur thinking in more unconventional and novel directions and better our understanding of reality.

Explore the theory and implementation behind our projects. Learn about the necessary ideas and discover ways to test them effectively. Dive into the world of innovation and creativity.

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Theory of Time Travel and Teleportation

Srinivasan Vaidyaraman

Kindly refer to my theory of reality for understanding necessary ideas. Spacelessness is what needs to be used for teleportation and timelessness which is the energy between two pixels of space that needs to be used for time travel.

To enter through spacelessness one needs to enlarge the granularity of spacelessness which wull then suck us into it and place us in the destination of space similarly manipulated.

We can extend spacelessness necessary to create a portal by removing the mass disharmony next to spacelessness of interest. Mass disharmony happens when energy is not constant and same. Once the energy becomes constant on an entity, spacelessness is created and can be used as portal for teleportation.’

Similarly time travel can be accomplished by removing charge disharmony which blocks passage to the past. As for as future is concerned it exists as probabilities and as temporal energy though one predetermined future exists which cannot be changed.

We also may not be able to use the info of the future to make changes in the present as critical memories may be erased when travelling back to the present from the future. However certain things may be retained an surface as intuition giving utilty to time travel.

Spiritual energy may be used to remove mass and charge disharmony both by perfect spiritual entity or sufficiently advanced technology.

An approach to remove mass disharmony

We saw in the theory of reality when two waves interlock their velocity gets converted as mass if the interlocking is very strong and stops the motion Thus the resulting energy has varying extent of energy represented by the frequencies of the waves. So to remove the disharmony we have to align the frequencies and perfectly synchronize them so that the energy distribution become constant.

A similar approach can be had for removing charge disharmony but here the wavelengths may have to aligned.

The granularity of spacelessness and that of timelessness can be stretched this way. We need to generate possibly extremely high frequencies and wavelengths to accomplish this alignment and making energy constant as this pertains to space and time itself.

Spiritual energy known for its constancy inducing quality also operates on the same principle of filling in the missing frequencies and aligning them perfectly. With already existing energy such as spiritual energy, there is no need to create such high frequencies and synchronizing as mentioned earlier. The spiritual energy itself does it. The only problem is availability of such potent spiritual energy which typically is created in the thoughts of highly evolved spiritual persons.

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