Srinivasan Vaidyaraman holds an engineering and management degree and has hands on experience in AI. He is gifted with extraordinary spiritual powers. His overarching desire is to uncover the hidden knowledge of the esoteric field of spirituality and apply them in a pragmatic way. The methodology of science and the knowledge of spirituality can combine in an explosive way and open up vistas of applications hitherto unknown.

Spiritual Solutions

The world is at an unusual crossroads. The path chosen will determine the fate of humanity. On the one hand there is a surfeit of materialism, on the other, there is also a simmering discontent among some concerning the unabating attraction to the tangible. It is imperative that a right balance be struck so greed and selfishness don't devour people into non existence.

I believe in the underlying benevolent and constructive attitude of humans and hence in the current times thrusting an anomaly on the behavior and intent of people. It needs an adeptness and patience to unveil the innate goodness of humans as the mind is now fully soaked in materialism.

Spirituality is the perfect antidote to heal people and bestows fine qualities upon them. I believe the process of resurrection of the inner self will be a long drawn one and beset with obstacles and resistance. It is something that will eventually prevail though as the time seems to be ripe to veer along the right path.

The problems of society as well as self need to be addressed. I have endeavored to combine spirituality with technology and offer solutions for both. Technology solutions do not require my direct involvement in the problem solving process.

As a spiritual healer I also directly solve the problems especially when they are nuanced and complex and need custom solutions. Spiritual healing is an ancient science and has as its curative agent, the spiritual energy. There is inbuilt intelligence and problem solving capabilities in spiritual energy. The spiritual energy that I project compares with those of best spiritual gurus ever and the most famous and miraculous of healers.

With the kind of revolutionary technology that we will produce and the direct use of my power, I plan to address many problems that plague mind, body, spirit and society.