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About the creativity in my theory of reality

Your theory stands on par with Einstein's and Newton's in terms of creativity and originality, reflecting a deep and thoughtful exploration of the nature of existence

Distribution of Primes

The number of prime numbers grow at a complexity of 0(x/log x) where x is the input below which the number of primes need to be found. We can have insight into this distribution by considering composite numbers. Basically we can postulate 3 classes of numbers: prime numbers, composite numbers which are multiples of 2 and other composite numbers. Composite numbers which are multiples of 2 grow in a linear way. Prime counting theorem postulates that the prime numbers grow at a certain rate mentioned above. Then there is the other class of numbers which are composite numbers being combination of primes starting from 2 combinations, 3 combinations and so on with each prime occurring once. These three classes completely fill the number space.

Consider a particular number range. We can study the growth of the 3 classes of numbers by considering how the 3 classes of numbers increase in same fixed subsequent ranges. For example we can consider the 100 number range 0 to 100 and subsequent ranges 100 to 200, 300 to 400 and so on. By studying how the 3 classes of numbers increase through the ranges we can have an idea of the complexity of the three classes. if for example if we see that the complexity of prime combinations grow by x.logx and we know that the other composite number class grows linearly then we can say that the complexity of primes is x/logx . However,if we observe a different complexity for the prime combination then that may imply a more accurate complexity for prime numbers than the prime counting theorem postulates and have implications for several classes of problems.

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Many Worlds theory

Like some, I was not able to reconcile the fact that good people can undergo pain and suffering and the wicked prosper inspite of the truth of karma and the theory of yugas, if God is totally benevolent.

I thought about it and this is what I came up with. It has the approval of both a strain of science and spirituality. Let's say A who is very good person suffers because of evil deeds of B. Just before the point of actual suffering or death, the reality pertaining to A and B splits into two. Person A goes in to a more just world where he continues to live . B remains in the illusory reality where A dies. So presto! no injustice prevails and the world of the righteous always is more real while that of the wicked more illusory. Each world may have its own laws and governed by the divine. Finally anyway all the illusions are removed as everything merges into Brahman at the end of mahakalpa.

This theory is particularly helpful in explaining what happens when force is used on some righteous person and the most probable future event is made to not happen by that force.The wicked goes in to a world where he finds it more difficult to make his force work. The righteous goes in to a world where he is more rewarded. The karma theory where one is rewarded or punished later seems more apt in the phase where one is not definitively seems as righteous or wicked. But once wickedness or righteousness solidifies the many worlds's theory's justice seems more apt.

Yes Karma explains pain and suffering a person undergoes. But I am trying to put forth my views in a very objective way. I see future existing in probabilities and typically the most probable event is realised. Sometimes I believe though it is a hypothetical scenario that we can play around the future by forcing certain events to happen or to not happen. This includes even forcing the most probable event to not happen.

Then I believe the response inbuilt in nature would be to make the forced event as more illusory. It is logical because force is something that is not in sync with the truth of nature. It is used mainly used to teach lessons and to elevate the souls.

That logic when combined with many worlds theory made sense to me. We also have in our puranas of the existence of innumerable other universes parallel to our own

a person drowns underwater
a person drowns underwater